Monday, March 9, 2009


This is my first posting ever, very exciting moment for me. With that said there are a couple of things to get through first before I can go on with my blogging, in the bloggoshere (look at me with the jargon, if I hadn't been so up front you wouldn't have even known...)

1. Hi, my name is Malery

2. I completely lack the cultural forte of my co-bloggers- well master bloggers, really, let us not kid ourselves- I am an apprentice at best.

3. This first blog will be entirely unfunny. Quite possibly uninteresting. Its sort of like how I wear a trash bag on first dates and then refuse to engage in conversation. This way if I ever do anything you're both surprised and pleased!


I recently discovered this new website I discovered it like most great discoveries, someone telling me (Hey Columbus go thatta way and you'll get the second Monday of October named after you...Every year) It was like that. So anyway I went to and if you haven't been, you must. It's hilarious.

What was pointed out to me was that, impurically at least, it shouldn't be funny. Many the posts are quite depressing and the website is acutally short for fuck my life (don't put too much thought into what that would literally mean). Why in the world should I find that interesting?

Then it dawned on me- while I can't personally relate to many of these stories, I never have walked in on my English and Math teacher getting it on (French and Biology- much different) I can relate to the very human aspect behind them. Our entire lives we are told stories about "humanity" but because as we get older and they aren't as far fetched as Snow White not realizing the improbablity of forest creatures following her about, we think they might be true. But lets face it, movies, songs (blogs?) still only like to tell stories with happy endings, or at the very least the very token of YOU caring about them makes it important and somehow breaths life and hope into the story, which in all fairness isn't the way life really works.

Which brings me back to Dispite how sad some may be or predicatble or painful, those people are sharing their stories, and they are sharing them because of some intangible human consciousness. Just knowing, somehow, that everyone can relate to that eek feeling.