Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Matt & Kim: Daylight Music Video

Since Natalie and I are currently living in the same room, and no longer "transamericanika" from each other, we will probably post even less frequently than we had before. Instead of trying to coordinate long distance phone calls with a 5-6 hour time difference in between us, we can now just say something like, "HEY! Come over to my side of the room and look at this!" or have lengthy discussions late at night about the movies that we will someday make.

Anyway, last week Natalie introduced me to the band Matt & Kim. She said they were like an edgier Mates of State. I have had their song, "Daylight" on repeat ever since. Today I finally looked up the music video to it, and it is incredibly adorable. It's the kind of music video that would make Natalie depressed, which means it's pretty awesome, and she needs to see it anyway!

I hope to see them when they come to Boston on March 22nd! Fingers crossed!

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