Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Irony, Red Sox & Earth Day

In order to celebrate Earth Day, the Red Sox wore completely new uniforms onto the field. This doesn't make much sense practically speaking- or sensibly speaking really. They could have very easily REDUCED the amount of material used by REUSING any of the different jerseys they already have. Might I suggest RECYCLING the St. Patty's Day one- everyone was too drunk to remember what it was anyhoo.

I'm not really angry at all, in fact I think there is a very good argument out there about how just getting people aware of the issue far outweighs the extra embrodery. But, by the same token, I think it's worth evaluating what it says about us. A great deal of marketing revolves around the perception of supporting a good, often highly politisized, issue. Take Whole Foods for instance, don't we all feel better- more active more concered- when we're in there because they have a blue trash can for recyclables? Who knows if anything is being done (and I hope it is) but yet I associate Whole Foods with being concerned and connected. The Red Sox applied the same principle tonight. All in all though, congratuations on the 7-3 win. Also importnat to note, the game wasn't rained out either so mother nature was apparently appeased by the counterintuitive display.

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