Tuesday, September 2, 2008


There were many things I was expecting to do while I was in Seattle: get over caffienated with coffee, fill my suitcase with new clothes (something Krupa made fun of me for), and go to the Space Needle. I was not, however, expecting to go to Bumbershoot, the annual music and arts festival that takes place in Seattle every year over Labor Day weekend. I didn't even know the festival existed until I arrived in the Emerald City. Even better, Krupa was able to score free tickets ($100 value) from her work...sweet!

Bumbershoot takes place in the Seattle Center, so while you're rocking out you're in the shadow of the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project (a building designed by Frank Gehry [ which by the way, evertime I now hear Frank Gehry's name, I think of Clark Duke saying 'Is this a Gehry?' from Clark and Michael and I laugh and laugh]).

Since Bumbershoot is a three day festival lasting from Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and I was only able to go on Saturday because I left for home on Sunday, Krupa and I tried to make the most of the festival. We tried to see a wide variety of artists:
-Neko Case (Yay! One artist I can cross off my 'Need to see' list, but I wish she could have performed at least ONE New Pornographers song, but I guess that is against the rules)
-Barcelona (a piano driven 'emo' band, who were okay. I felt like a babysitter at Warped Tour , with the average age of the audience being like 16...also it's depressing to see 16 year olds who have more hip style than I ever will).
-Lucinda Williams (I then felt young in this crowd, with the average age being 40. Krupa and I didn't stay long because we weren't into her music)
-Estelle (an R&B British singer who was really funny commentary. After she'd sing a song about an ex-boyfriend she'd be like "I'm SOO over that shit! So over!" and repeatedly urged people to have sex but "Be safe, be safe, be SAFE!"
-Band of Horses (I tried to call you during The Funeral! I really did! Also they surprising sounded kind of country on some songs)
-Beck (I'm not a huge fan, but there was no denying it was a good concert. He also had a cute, classy looking female guitarist, which made me envious)
but the great discovery of the festival for me was
-Thao with the Get Down, Stay Down

Thao with the Get Down, Stay Down is band I really wish you could have seen live. She had the cute girl rockstar thing going on. You know, cute dress with bangs, sipping a cup of beer while singing indie pop with lyrics that are darker than they seem, the front woman in a band full of boys. Her voice isn't as syrupy sweet or innocent sounding as I prefer with my indie girl singers, but I really enjoyed the music.You would have definitely been depressed. Before you get too sad, please check out her music video, lomo style.

It is hard not to get overwhelmed at a festival like this, and I had to quickly get over that I was not going to be able to see everyone I wanted to see (Nada Surf, !!!, AND M. Ward playing the same time as Beck? Ahhh!! Also, apparently David Cross was doing stand-up somewhere..) and how I should NOT have even LOOKED at the line up for Sunday and Monday (I am missing Tapes N' Tapes, Sons and Daughters, Ingrid Michaelson, Dan Deacon and Death Cab?! AHHHH)

Overall, it was one of the highlights of my trip to Seattle, and I wish you could have been there. I promise to do another Seattle post once I load all my pictures.


natalie said...

Okay, I am very jealous. The universe totally worked out for you to be in Seattle during an awesome music festival. I propose that next semester we make going to concerts our TOP priority. Even above school. Are you going to get zip car? for some reason I feel like you were going to get it... maybe it was someone else. Anyway, we should take trips all around the northeast to go to festivals.

Ruthanne said...

Yes, concerts should definitely take priority over school. Last fall I missed some bands I really wanted to see because of school (lame). I was never planning on getting a zip car... also, I'm not old enough to yet. Are you talking about in Boston or when I come visit you in Hawaii? And yes to going to festivals...being transamerica from each other stinks.