Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nostros: A Lyrical Tale of Ghosts, Daydreams, and Happy Endings.

I sent my delightful friends Scott and Brooke a mixed cd last week that, I must say, broke a few of my mixed cd rules. It's ridiculous how I have rules for mixed cds, and, indeed, mixed cds in general! It's as if I'm 12 years old, watching Say Anything, and wishing I lived in the 80s. Goodness, sometimes, I annoy myself.

Anyway, despite all my attempts at self control, I've enclose the track list for your perusal. If you were to choose one song that doesn't seem to fit, which would it be and would you consider it's odd-ball-ness in this musical smorgasborg to be complimentary and whimsical, like a cherry on a chocolate-sprinkled, chocolate-frosted chocolate cake, or revolting and jarring, like a cockroach in a Chinese chicken salad? Cause I've thoughts about the first question, and hold reserves regarding the second.

1. Inside: Bang Gang
2. Pocketful of Money: Jens Lekman
3. Metal Heart: Cat Power
4. Pills: The Perishers
5. Rose Parade: Trappers Cabin
6. Sweet and Low (Acoustic): Augustana
7. I See You, You See Me: The Magic Numbers
8. Breathe Me: Sia
9. Melt Your Heart: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
10. Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley
11. Ride: Cary Brothers
12. Fade Into You: Mazzy Star
13. I Thought You Said Summer ...: Hello Saferide
14. Paperweight: Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin
15. Northwestern Girls: Say Hi To Your Mom
16. Such a Lonely Soul: Anna Ternheim
17. The Origin of Love (Hedwig cover): Rufus Wainwright
18. Love to Love: Djali Zwan

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Ruthanne said...

None of the songs stook out to me as being different, but it could have been becauseI listened to all the songs via youtube. They are very sad. I like it though - you always make good mixes.